Mondo® Grow Kit Treasure Coast

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9 reviews for Mondo® Grow Kit Treasure Coast

  1. Minnie R. Storm

    Fast Delivery and great services.

    Is it possible to put this kit in the hot press at 25°C

  2. James K. Simmons

    It takes a while for the first pins to appear but be patient, its worth it 😉

  3. Thelma G. Crutcher

    Great Service and great grow kit

  4. Charles T. Meade

    I must admit the whole proces of growing your own set of mushrooms has never been easier. the description is clear and accurate. I was able to successfully grow my first batch without any problem. Would definitelly recommend to anyone.

  5. Hope C. Goodman

    I got about 27g dried mushrooms out of 3 flushes. I had a trip of 2,5g which was quite strong and lasted for about 4 hours. Very introspective effects, very deep and philosophical journey. Demanding now and then but controllable. I am a fan.

  6. Barbara C. Lopez

    The quality of the substrates is evident when you mix two together 1 normal 1 xl with some coffe ground and vermiculite and see everything blooming after the adequate time for the bigger cakes now to recover.
    3 good flush until now.

    I was inspired from the flate cakes here

  7. Jamie D. Funk

    Everything’s fine with Shrooms Planet !!
    Very reactive customer service and shipping, good quality and longevity of the growkit. No problem at all. I’ll never order at any other online shop except here

  8. John D. Martin

    Shipping and customer service great as always.
    I had 2 big flushes already with each around 35g.
    Potency is also pretty good. We tried 2.5g each with lemon tek and it gave us some 4h a middle strong trip.
    For a more intense trip I would probably go up to 3-3.5g (with lemon tek) next time, but again potency-wise this is pretty good.
    So overall I’m absolutely satisfied.

  9. Ivan D. Rivera

    Easy to grow, great experience and had 4 decent flushes. Would recommend to anyone especially due to the ease. The only thing was being patient for the first ones to pin

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